Look Book: An Interview with our Photo Editor Michael Harlan Turkell

Nice Work: Photo montage of Roberta’s Pizza by Michael Harlan Turkell for Edible Brooklyn, as seen in Stockland Martel’s photography blog stocklandmartelblog.com.

We’ve always been fans of our photo editor’s really remarkable style, photography point-of-view and skills as both a shooter and a chef (yep, the man can cook, too). Way back before the Edibles even existed, in fact, we remember stopping by the now-defunct Brooklyn coffeeshop called Mule on our morning commute to see a display of Michael Harlan Turkell’s photos on the walls behind the baristas — an exhibit of restaurant kitchens as they really were that foreshadowed our own series called Back of the House.

We expect that in the future we’ll get to brag about that trip to budding photogs who won’t believe his work was free for the price of a mug, much less potentially coffee-stained. And that’s why we’re so pleased to see this interview with Michael about photo editing for the Edibles on the blog run by the truly top-notch photographers’ group called Stockland Martel. It’s a great read for those who shoot professionally or just hold up their iPhones, not just to see how Michael approaches illustrating the Edible aesthetic but also to get a sense of how he approaches taking pictures of the food world and those who populate himself. Kudos, MHT!

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