In My Pantry: Rachel Krupa’s 5 Essentials

In 2018, Rachel Krupa opened The Goods Mart in SoHo with a singular goal: to introduce her community to socially responsible, health-conscious products. “I wanted to create a store where you can discover the latest and greatest products hitting shelves while also elevating female and/or diverse founders and sharing their stories,” explains Krupa. “Food brings people together, and we want to give our customers something to talk about with their friends and family.”

As the owner of a specialty grocery store, Krupa constantly samples new, emerging brands. Unsurprisingly, her personal pantry is stocked with unique condiments and distinctive flavors. When stocking your own pantry, Krupa advises choosing “products that have multiple uses—items you can cook with, dip into, or eat straight from the jar. To me, pantry items allow you to be adventurous and make the ordinary extraordinary.” She suggests being a little adventurous with pantry goods and using them to explore new flavors and products.

Rachel Krupa’s 5 Essentials

Spicewell New Salt

We all love salt, so why should it not have more of a health punch?  I use this vitamin and mineral rich salt on everything!

Woon Sea Moss Seasoning 

I love putting a dash of ocean on everything. This is dehydrated and roasted sea moss with an amazing umami bomb of flavor.

Growee Three Pepper Spread

It tastes like summer and is perfect on vegetables, with your favorite chip—at times, I eat with a spoon.

Finca Hostalet Truffle Olive Oil

For the taste of Barcelona without the flight, this is a beautiful olive oil that makes any slice of bread a meal.

Mama Teav’s Hot Garlic Oil

I’m not a big cook, so I eat mostly vegetables when at home. I like easy things to put on to make it sing!  Mama’s Teav’s does just that.