Keeping Thanksgiving Local: Our 2013 Shopping Guide

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It’s almost here! It’s almost here! We’ve gobbled up chocolate turkeys. We’ve listened to “Light the Menurkey” on repeat. And with less than two weeks to go until Thanksgiving, we’re more than ready to start shopping.

In a city that puts up its Christmas tree six weeks before the big day, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the holidays. So we’ve made it easy for you this year. Here it is – our guide to Thanksgiving, with one recommendation for each category: the turkey, the pie, the wine and the rest.

The Turkey

Greenmarket: If you don’t grow turkeys in your closet-size apartment, meeting directly with the farmer is the next best thing. Greenmarket’s 2013 Turkey Buying Guide lets you choose your farm, your breed and your pickup location. With so many markets, there must be one out there that’s convenient enough. BONUS: You’ll have an excuse to drink warm cider or nosh on local cheese while you shop.

The Pie

Butter and Scotch: Though they’re based out of Brooklyn, Butter and Scotch is doing us a favor and delivering their pies to our neck of the woods this year. You can get Bourbon Ginger Pecan, Caramel Apple, Pumpkin Spice, or Smore’s Pie — all made by hand with local and organic ingredients whenever possible. BONUS: The pickup location is Roni-Sue’s Chocolate, so if you can’t fathom a Thanksgiving without pork, you can add a little of Roni-Sue’s pig candy to your dessert tray.

The Wine

Astor Wines and Spirits: We went to our wine writer Amy Zavatto for a Thanksgiving wine recommendation. Her pick? “Go straight to awesome Astor and get Eve’s Bittersweet Cider for your pre-turkey or tofurkey aperitif; as for dinner, crikey, their NY selection is so great, it makes me want to make, like, 12 Thanksgiving dinners just so I can drink all the delicious things they have and not leave a drop out.” BONUS: Astor’s head wine buyer makes it even easier in this “Three Must Have Wines For Your Thanksgiving Table” video.

The Rest

Fairway: When it comes to holiday shopping, Fairway’s got you covered. They’re fully stocked with everything from sweet potatoes and marshmallows to mushroom herb stuffing, and they’re ready to serve 70,000 to 80,000 shoppers during that whirlwind week. If you don’t feel like cooking, their catering menu has it all. BONUS: Olive oil sampling bar. Enough said.

Doing Thanksgiving out of the house this year? Check out the dinners at Bell Book & Candle and Prime Meats and Frankies.

Marissa Finn

When Marissa was a little girl, she threw her bottle and pacifier down the stairs and begged for "real food." More than two decades later, her passion for real food has grown into a part of her everyday life. Marissa graduated in May 2014 with a Masters in Food Studies from NYU, where she focused her research on food politics and food culture. She has taught children’s nutrition, gardening and cooking classes for the past four years, and she will spend the next academic year as a FoodCorps service member in Guilford County, North Carolina.

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