For Three Nights Only, Madison, Wisconsin’s Underground Food Collective Cooks in Manhattan

For the next three nights–Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday–the cooks from Brooklyn’s Sweet Deliverance catering company join those from  The Underground Food Collective in Madison, Wisconsin to take over the kitchen at Joseph Leonard in the West Village.

“We are calling it ‘ouisconsin,'” says Kelly Geary, the owner of Sweet Deliverance, who adds that the menu will be led by the collective and is “about the traditional heritage of Wisconsin foods: French, German and some ingredients from native foragers.”

The five-course menu includes pickled trout, venison carpaccio, popped wild rice, wild mushrooms with bison jerky, pheasant sausage with tarbais beans and maple syrup marshmallows. For the next three nights the 30-seat restaurant, run by a fellow Wisconsinite, is taking reservations in advance, though a few seats will be set aside for walk-ins.

The two DIY food businesses have collaborated on dinners several times in the past two years–one dinner series last month in Geary’s commercial kitchen in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn featured the Collective’s skills with both charcuterie and fantastic produce–but this marks their first foray into a Manhattan restaurant.




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