How to Spend a Spring Saturday? Visit the City’s Newest Farm Supply Store

The turquoise shovels aren’t for sale, but everything else is at Hayseed’s Big City Farm Supply, which opened on the border of Brooklyn and Queens last week.

Hidden off an industrial street near the Brooklyn/Queens border, the week-old Hayseed’s Big City Farm Supply in Greenpoint, Brooklyn will be open through June. We visited the space–mere blocks from entrance to the Midtown Tunnel–for this week’s NY1 segment. If you missed it, watch for it again Sunday morning, or catch online in perpetuity right here.

The pop-up shop is the collaborative effort of beekeeper and urban farmer Megan Paska (aka Brooklyn Homesteader) and Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm (which is technically just over the Pulaski bridge in Queens). They found it hard to find good quality farming and small animal supplies in the city, says Paska, and got to thinking that what the city needed was a place to buy them, albeit a very small place, and for a limited time.

With help from the company Domestic Construction, who let Hayseed’s use the front room of their north Brooklyn office space for the summer and also designed the nifty space, now we have one. Be sure to visit in early May, when the shop will be selling seedlings for lazy gardeners who haven’t yet started their seeds; they’ll also be teaching classes throughout the season.

Hayseed’s Big City Farm Supply: 218 India Street, Brooklyn, NY 11222; G train to Greenpoint Ave;

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