Louisa Shafia, Author of ‘The New Persian Kitchen,’ Launches Kitchen Goods Website

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Produce bags from Magpie Cookshop. Credit: Facebook/Lucid Food


Louisa Shafia, author of The New Persian Kitchen and founder of Lucid Food, who we covered in our most recent travel issue of Edible Brooklyn, is debuting a curated selection of kitchen goods this week. It’s called Magpie Cookshop and it’s focused on offering high-quality and highly functional products that encourage sustainable habits. Although you can only visit them in person in D.C., they do have an online store where you can purchase responsibly sourced kitchen hacks including cloth bowl toppers that help preserve food and reusable sandwich bags.

The first Google result when you search for Lakh Lakh is a wonderful Bollywood music video featuring superstar Kareena Kapoor and several great (and inimitable) dance sequences. But the video shares its name with a pop-up endeavor featuring Persian street food from Shafia. She’s been hosting dinners at Porsena Extra Bar every Monday since mid-September, and tonight’s menu includes bastani nooni (pistachio ice cream sandwich with house made cardamom wafer) and  a lamb liver kebab with fresh basil and flatbread.

The dinners are served from 5:30–10:00 p.m. every week and reservations are not accepted. We’ve heard the place fills up fast, but fear not: the dinners will continue every Monday through the end of the year. If you absolutely cannot ever miss your standing Monday trivia commitment (I’ve been there) you can catch her on Tuesday, December 16, for a Persian Hanukkah dinner. Still unconvinced? She wrote a first-person account of a recent trip to Iran, and if it’s not enough to make you pack your bags and buy a plane ticket, it’ll definitely send you deep enough into drool territory that you’ll break your daylight savings hibernation for one weeknight.

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