Today on NY1: George Motz and Seth Unger on their 5th Food Film Fest, Which Now Includes Difara Pizza, Delivered to You

Next Sunday at 1 p.m.

Today on our weekly NY1 segment we interview filmmaker George Motz and event planner Seth Unger, the pair that put together the fifth annual NYC Food Film Festival. The four-day shindig kicks off next Thursday at Tribeca Cinemas. In addition to this list of can’t miss fest hits we told you about last week (Rockaway Tacos, Food Porn) they’ve added the last-minute addition of a documentary of every city foodie’s dreams: Best Thing I Ever Done. Yep, you guessed it, it’s a profile of Dominic DeMarco, the (literally) world-famous pizziaolo behind Di Fara’s Pizza in Midwood, Brooklyn. Better still, DiFara pizzas will star at the Manhattan premier of the flick, and will be specially delivered to Canal Street next Sunday by Film Fest staffers for a party the FFF is calling Di Fara Pizza Lunch. Unger himself tracked the trip last month, but what we’re more concerned with is how long it’ll take Dom to make each and every one of those party pies, seeing as how he usually does all the work himself.

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