Halloween Candy Made Here: Bazooka Gum

Wicked Bazooka "The Atom Bubble Gum" foil wrapper, c. 1950. Photo by JasonLiebig, courtesy flickr.com

Bazooka gum might be something your grandma gives out at Halloween, and indeed it does have post-World War II Brooklyn written all over it. Literally. Ever notice the red, white and blue stripes? Yep, that’d be pride of the bazooka, also term for a portable WWII rocket launcher. Actually, back in the early 1900s, during the first World War, the Brooklyn-based Topps factory originally imported tobacco, but after a Turkish block on product, a second generation moved on to the growing novelty market on individually-wrapped chewing gum — and to beat their competition, included trading cards and comic strips. Sort of puts a whole new twist on the blooowPOP!, huh?

This week, we’re looking at some classic Halloween candies with a New York past. After researching 40+ candies — alive and dead — we were saddened to learn we have no stake on Baby Ruth or the 5th Avenue bar, but we think we’ve found some goodies that’ll keep you in local spirits this season.

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