GIVEAWAY: Share Why You Juice and You Could Win Breville Equipment and a Farmivore Subscription



I walk through SoHo about once a week, mostly eating or people-watching — sometimes admiring beautiful people as they eat. I swear that this is not as creepy as it sounds; there are, at least by my very loose and very unofficial ritual surveying of the neighborhood, a disproportionately large number of good restaurants, cafés, etc. and a disproportionately large number of leggy folks who seem to know what their best angles are. What I’m saying is that it’s hard not to run into some shiny happy snacker when you’re in SoHo. In fact, on warm days, you’ll find many of them sunning themselves like turtles on the steps of a gym-juice bar hybrid, sipping away at juices in every hue.

But juicing is hardly a trend; it seems to have taken over the city. New Yorkers are juicing as a way to use up spare produce scraps, as a pre- or post-workout snack, as (in moderation, of course) another mode of consuming fruits and vegetables. New Yorkers juice at home; they juice out. They juice with blenders and, well, juicers. They add protein powder or they go all-veg. This fall, in partnership with Breville, Edible hosted our very first Juicing Summit for members of the industry.


I have not (yet) joined the ranks of the juicers… but I have wondered often about what they’re drinking. Was it beets or blueberries that made the juice that brilliant pink? I want to ask them. Is there ginger in there? Do you drink it on your commute? Are you trying to squeeze in more fruits and vegetables? Did you fish around in your vegetable crisper just to see what would happen if you juiced your findings? All of the above? Spill!

Perhaps I am not ready to be a juicer. But perhaps you are — or you already are. Let us know in our survey and, in doing so, enter yourself in our giveaway from Breville and Farmivore: one lucky respondent will win a Breville Juice Fountain Plus and a two-week subscription to Farmivore, a service that curates boxes of organic fruit-and-veg combinations to feed your juicing habit. On the survey’s completion page, you’ll also find a Farmivore discount code for Edible readers: $9.95 for your first box.

Having trouble seeing the survey below? Click here.


Images courtesy of Breville and Farmivore.

Caroline Lange

Caroline Lange is a writer and cook based in Brooklyn, NY.

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