GrowNYC’s Free Interactive Toolkit Launched to Green Your City

Are you concerned about the cleanliness of our waterways? Guess what! Now there’s something you can do about it.

Last month, GrowNYC launched its Green Infrastructure Toolkit, a collection of resources to educate homeowners and gardeners about the steps they can take to minimize the effects of rainfall on our waterways.

In New York City, storm water sewers and sanitary sewers share the same pipes. When we get even an inch of rainfall, our combined sewage system overflows into the New York Harbor, filling it with things we definitely don’t want to swim in.

Green roofs, rainwater harvesting, bioswales and permeable pavement are just a few of the steps we can take toward improved stormwater management. Download the toolkit here to learn how to install one of these systems in your community.

Marissa Finn

When Marissa was a little girl, she threw her bottle and pacifier down the stairs and begged for "real food." More than two decades later, her passion for real food has grown into a part of her everyday life. Marissa graduated in May 2014 with a Masters in Food Studies from NYU, where she focused her research on food politics and food culture. She has taught children’s nutrition, gardening and cooking classes for the past four years, and she will spend the next academic year as a FoodCorps service member in Guilford County, North Carolina.

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