AUDIO: Pantry Staples for Snowy Weather, or Whenever

Flickr / (Mariam)
Flickr / (Mariam)

When winter weather strikes, many of us rely on our pantries instead of venturing out. It might not be the most happening place in our kitchens, but it can be as solid as stone soup when grocery stores are less accessible.

Our Gabrielle Langholtz knows a thing or two about keeping both a well-stocked and appealing pantry that’s approachable no matter the weather. As you might hear on today’s broadcast of Last Chance Foods on WNYC, she recently spoke with Amy Eddings about which non-perishable foods she likes to keep on hand.

The main three? Couscous (Gabrielle’s version of “fast food”), lentils and anchovies, which can be akin to a “little black dress” when “something unexpected comes up and you just need something great.”

You can hear the full audio above and get the proof that anchovies make for a great ingredient with Rachel Wharton’s watermelon radish and white anchovy salad from Jeffrey’s Grocery.

Ariel Lauren Wilson

Lauren is the former editor-in-chief of Edible Manhattan and Edible Brooklyn.

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