Joe Isidori Makes Tortoni (and You Can, Too)

The Co-Founder of Black Tap Burgers & Beers recently debuted his solo effort, Arthur & Sons, in the West Village. It pays homage to Isidori’s family’s three generations in the New York City restaurant industry. “I’ve been dreaming about Arthur & Sons for years,” says Isidori. “My vision for the restaurant stems from my memories of being an Italian American kid in New York, working as a prep cook in my family’s restaurant with my headphones on listening to Wu-Tang Clan. I would pound out chicken cutlets for that night’s service while Sinatra played in the front-of-house. It’s born of pure nostalgia and love—of being a 90s kid, born and raised in a red sauce joint, and that’s the experience I want to evoke for guests.”

Look for a menu of specifically Italian New Yorker nostalgia that celebrates baked clams oreganata, mussels fra diavolo—there’s even a meatball sub. For dessert, Isidori goes old-school with spumoni, tiramisu, and tortoni—this last, a cherry topped frozen dessert that evokes a Good Humor Toasted Almond Bar (in the very best way).


Serves 6

A classic Tortoni is one made of true Italian American nostalgia. It is that dessert you couldn’t wait for at the end of a family dinner at the local pizza place that had the dining room in the back. The paper cup filled with almond flavor and topped with toasted coconut was the best part of the night, and the bright red maraschino was the perfect cherry on top! Here at Arthur & Sons we have recreated this semifreddo dessert into a homemade ice cream with punchy almond flavor topped with toasted coconut and you guessed it, a cherry on top! —Joe Isidori


1 quart plain ice cream or gelato base (recipes will differ according to different ice cream machines—use one that works for yours)

2 tablespoons pure almond extract 

Toasted sweetened coconut flakes for garnish

Candied cherries


In the freezer of an ice cream machine, combine plain ice cream base and almond extract. Freeze according to ice cream machine directions. When finished churning, remove the ice cream, and freeze it overnight. To serve, place 3 scoops of the ice cream in a bowl, garnish with toasted almond and cherry. Serve. 

Featured photo courtesy of Madonna + Child.