Coffee Meets Mezcal Creyente in This Cocktail Recipe from Decoy Bar

partner tipAfter a night of cocktails, you never know where you’re going to wake up. The possibilities are endless—thanks in no small part to apps like Uber and Tinder, and that sense you get when you’re three drinks deep: the one that makes you say to yourself, “Why, yes, tonight’s the perfect night for an adventure.”

Waking Up in Oaxaca—prepared in the video above—is a rather adventurous cocktail. Created by Decoy Bar‘s head bartender, Shawn Chen, it brings together two of Chen’s favorite things: coffee and Mezcal Creyente.

“I love working with coffee,” says Chen. “It’s a happy thing. You wake up in the morning and that first cup of coffee is such a happy thing. So, for this cocktail, I just thought, ‘I want to combine it with another happy thing.'”

That other happy thing, he says, is Mezcal Creyente.

“It’s got a great flavor,” says Chen. “It’s smoky and it really brings out the flavor of the coffee. It’s the perfect mezcal.”

Waking Up in Oaxaca

1 ounce Creyente Mezcal
.75 ounce coffee beans infused-Cynar
.75 ounce Dolin Chambery Blanc
.50 ounce Campari
3 drop of coffee tincture

Build in mixing glass. Pour all the ingredients into mixing glass and add ice. Stir vigorously until mixed thoroughly and the outside of the mixing glass has frosted. Use a strainer to strain over rock glass filled with 2 inches ice cube.

Lemon herb, and twist of lemon

Rock glass

2 inches ice cube

Coffee Beans-Infused Cynar

1 cup of dark roasted coffee beans
1 cup of Cynar artichoke liqueur

Use a medium size mason jar. Pour coffee beans, Cynar into mason jar and seal the cover. Let it sit for 1 hour and strain into syrup bottle to store.

Meghan Harlow

Meghan is the editor of Edible East End and Edible Long Island.

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