VIDEO: How to Prepare Snails at Home, According to Telepan Local

When we think of eating snails we almost always refer to it by its fancier restaurant name: escargot. But the humble snail doesn’t need to always be doused in butter and parsley on a white tablecloth to be delicious (although that method is just fine too).

Joel Javier of Telepan Local thinks that snails at home can be easily made. For those who have trepidations, he argues that snails should be viewed like any other mollusk. “It’s kind of like eating mussels,” Javier says. And not only are they simple to good, but they’re “very good for you — high in protein and low in fat.”

Additionally, interested eaters should be open to seeking out different kinds of snails since — like anything else — different varieties have different characteristics.

Watch the video above for Javier’s tips on how to cook snails including a chickpea and snails recipe, and read the full Telepan Local story in our May/June issue.

Featured photo credit: Flickr/blair_25

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