What We’re Reading: October 19, 2013


Small batch chocolate cookbooks and podcasts questioning the choice to award Monsanto with the World Food Prize — yep, must be what the Edible staff is reading, watching and listening to this week.

Stephen Munshin: Mast Brothers Chocolate — A Family Cookbook Trailer
Because I like my online videos to be psychotropic experiences.

Gabrielle Langholtz: Apple Pectin Stock — Local Kitchen Blog
When life gives you apple cores…save em up to make your own pectin. Next summer it’ll take your preservation bragging rights to new heights. 

Brian Halweil: Latest Partnerships in Food+Tech Space — Food+Tech Connect
I continue to be fascinated by the “ecosystem” of the foodtech space. Food+Tech Connect’s enews is also one i subscribe to.

Eileen Duffy: Eat Drink Vote
This is a blog based on Marion Nestle’s work and illustrated with cartoons. It’s also available as a book which was just published in September. It shows that food politics can be funny. (Kinda.)

Amy Zavatto: In the Finger Lakes, Devotion to Riesling Shows — NY Times
Growing up on Long Island definitely set me on a certain bent of what might be deemed occasional blind loyalty when it comes to the wine we produce in New York. So much so, that when I began to get more serious about studying the topic, I realized I needed to put on a more critical hat at times when it came to our homegrown juice. But more often than not, I find myself blown away rather than blowing off Finger Lakes Riesling. Asimov hit all my favorites, too – which is a never a bad personal palate litmus test. Reading it also made me realize that buying now while it’s still cheap ain’t such a bad idea.

Marissa Finn: How to Feed the World — NY Times
Bittman manages to describe a topic as complex as international hunger in one short article. Better yet, he offers potential solutions.

Carrington Morris: Monsanto Buys a Food Prize — Jim Hightower
One of my favorite modern-day fighters of Goliath questions the sincerity of the World Food Prize going to Monsanto, with a nod to Monsanto’s gift of $5 million dollars to the foundation. Hightower’s blog posts are also on audioclip so you can listen to the feisty Texan’s folksy wise words for the music that they are.

Lauren Wilson: Waste from Thousands of Cows Creates Energy for an Entire Dairy Farm — Aljazeera America
Agriculture is one of the top contributors to global greenhouse gas emissions. With the proper technology, could it also be one of the world’s top mitigators?

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