Savvy Rest Helps You Care About Your Sleep As Much As Your Food

partner tipWhen you care as much about the food you put into your body as we do here at Edible Manhattan, it’s hard not to take stock of all the other things in your life that affect well-being, such as the soap we wash our faces with and detergents that launder our clothes. Stephen Munshin, the publisher of this magazine, was talking to his wife about the time and effort they put into sourcing their meals responsibly and realized their shopping habits were falling short in other areas. One in particular, Stephen said, was where he sleeps. After considering the fact that the average person spends one-third of their life sleeping, he realized that one-third of his life was spent atop a mattress that he knew nothing about.

Like any conscious consumer, Stephen and his wife poured through lists of mattresses, a list that’s constantly growing, if you consider the number of subway ads you see for one on your morning commute. They looked at both what they’re made of and where they’re made and Savvy Rest met all their criteria. The company, which is certified Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), offers fully customizable mattresses made with either the dense, pound-cake-like Dunlop latex or a Talalay latex that is better for those looking for more of an Angel Food cake in their mattress.

Much like our good food system, Savvy Rest’s mattresses and other products are sold through a strong network of dealers. Investing in this type of sales strategy instead of online marketing and massive warehouses, Savvy Rest cultivates relationships with their dealers and customers. Their focus on hospitality is why after his first mattress purchase, Stephen outfitted his two kids’ rooms and guest room with Savvy Rest mattresses and bed frames, made from sustainably harvested maple in Virginia. “In researching different mattresses, we realized that much like eating, sleeping well is a simple thing you can do to take care of yourself. A good bed is like a good meal: nourishing and comforting and worth the effort.”