Spring is for Cleaning (But Winter is for Painting!)

With Benjamin Moore Paints & Williams Lumber and Home Centers

Now that the weather is cooler and you’re spending more time indoors, you might start to notice that your home could use a refresh. Maybe there are a few new cracks on your walls, or you’re living with outdated colors. The good news is that it’s nothing that a little paint can’t fix—and even better, you don’t need to wait until spring. Benjamin Moore and the paint experts at Williams Lumber and Home Centers are here to explain why winter is the best time for tackling your paint projects.

Not only is it simply more comfortable to undertake the work of painting in lower temperatures, but, according to Benjamin Moore, cooler weather has several beneficial effects on quality of your paint job. For instance, if you’ve ever struggled with track marks or stippling from rollers—or visible drag marks from brushes—chances are that you were painting during the warm months. The cooler temperatures of winter slow down your paint’s drying time; this extra time allows the paint to level itself before it sets, thus eliminating application marks and ensuring a smooth, even finish. Plus, in winter, the sun is at a lower angle in the sky, which means that your freshly painted surfaces will have reduced exposure to direct sunlight. Like hot weather, direct sunlight can accelerate your paint’s drying time and can lead to roller and brush marks.

Then there’s adhesion: Benjamin Moore paints adhere better to surfaces in cooler weather. That means that if you apply your paint in cooler temperatures, there is less risk of it prematurely peeling, chipping, or flaking off. Winter’s stable humidity is also a boon for painters. Not only is lower humidity more comfortable to work in, but high levels of ambient humidity can lead to poor paint adhesion. In the worst-case scenario, high humidity can cause water to condense on your paint. This can lead to “surfactant leaching,” a situation where the paint discolors in spots. If you’d like to avoid that, paint during the cool, dry winter months.

Anyone who has ever painted a room in summer knows the agony of paint and insects. If you haven’t, just imagine that you’re brushing the final coat onto your window sashes (with the window slightly open so that you can reach every part), when a big fat fly drifts in and lodges itself in your wet paint. Happily, in winter, insects are a non-issue for painters. There’s also less pollen being released into the atmosphere, which not only makes outdoor painting more comfortable for those with allergies, but, also, it reduces the risk of pollen dust marring the finish of your paint.

Now that you know that winter is the best time for painting, it’s time to consider your first steps. Number one, skip the big box stores; Benjamin Moore’s high-quality paints are only sold through independent dealers. There is no better place to start your Benjamin Moore painting journey than at your local, independently owned Williams Lumber and Home Center. Conveniently located throughout the Hudson Valley in Rhinebeck, Hopewell Junction, High Falls, Hudson, Pleasant Valley, Red Hook, and Tannersville, Williams Lumber has certified paint experts on staff who can address any painting questions you might have. If you’re taking on the job yourself, the paint experts at Williams Lumber and Home Centers can offer personalized advice on Benjamin Moore Paint products and colors—and this includes handy sample-sized containers of Benjamin Moore paint that let you see the color and finish in your space before committing to a larger purchase. Having been doing business in the Hudson Valley since 1946, no one knows paint better than Williams Lumber. They’ll help you NAIL IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!

Gear Up With Carhartt

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Images courtesy of Williams Lumber