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Watch as 224 People Eat Soup in Mid-Air, for Just $5

In case you missed the most recent Edible segment on NY1 about the High Line’s Social Soup Experiment, a skyhigh, sustainably sourced picnic for 224 people, be sure to check out the online version of the clip. The event was put together by the High Line park to see what happens when dozens of New Yorkers from different backgrounds sit down together to share a meal — especially one that’s also historically appropriate: The High Line was originally used by trains transporting crops grown up river.

Party Tips from Today’s Highline Social Soup Experiment

We’ll tell you more about the event–which was in part a social experiment about sharing meals as well as a way to promote Slow Food’s $5 Challenge–on our forthcoming NY1 segment on the soupy shindig this Friday. But we wanted to pass along a party tip we learned from Mary Cleaver, the foward-thinking sustainable caterer who runs a restaurant both on and below the elevated city park.

Work for Food, This Saturday: The High Line Social Soup Experiment Seeks Volunteers

This weekend, on Saturday, High Line Food, Eater.com, Slow Food NYC, Edible Manhattan, and the $5 Challenge present High Line Soup–a simple, communal lunch to be shared in the 14th Street Passage of the High Line. The meal (a bean and farro soup, bread & butter, beer/cider/water) is being made in the nearby kitchens of The Green Table by Chef Mona Talbott, of the Rome Sustainable Food Project. 

For $5, Slurp Sustainably Sourced Soup on the Highline, While Supping with 94 Friends

We’ve just got word from our friends at the High Line that they’ve already sold nearly a third of the available $5 tickets to their Social Soup Experiment on October 22. On that day two seatings of 95 diners will gather at one communal table high above the streets to sup bean and farro soup–sourced from New York State farms and served alla Romana with spicy olive oil. We’re a sponsor, as is the $5 Challenge, which hopes to prove that you can eat well and deliciously on a budget without opting for fast or processed food.