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various styles of cheese arranged on a wrinkled white piece of paper

Holy Scrap: Reclaiming Cheese Rinds

What to do with those cheese rinds? Well, why not honor Anne Saxelby’s work and gently simmer those hardened ends to create an umami-rich cheese broth that will become a kitchen staple?

Lower East Side, NYC

Hurtling Through Manhattan: Anne Saxelby’s Guide to Where to Eat in the Lower East Side

Since Anne Saxelby first opened her eponymous stall in the Essex Street Market in 2006–essentially redefining American cheese–she’s taken strolls or bike-rides around and down all the crooked streets that define this part of Lower Manhattan, which sits in the shadow of the Williamsburg Bridge. Consider it her way of meeting her neighbors, and soaking up the diversity, edible and otherwise, that still haunts this nabe.