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U.K. Dispatch–In This Beer Loving Culture, We Can Hold Our Own

LONDON–For years we’d thought of this city’s lovely old-fashioned taverns and tap rooms as the holy grail of good beer, thanks to the Campaign for Real Ale launched back in 1971, when most of us Americans were still guzzling Bud in pop-top cans. The group, now called CAMRA, was founded by four drinkers concerned about the growing number of mass produced-pints and the homogenization of both beer and the pubs where Brits drank them.

Tonight, Taste the Best Beers in the Northeast Served by Those Who Brewed Them

One of the key events of NYC Craft Beer Week — a citywide fest featuring tastings, dinners, crawls and other craft beer celebrations–is Thursday night’s Brewer’s Choice at City Winery. The four-hour event is special not because 20 harder to find beers from our foodshed will be paired with fantastic food and poured all in one place, but because of who will be doing the pouring: The brewers themselves.