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FROM OUR RECIPE ARCHIVES: Calliope’s Simple Fluke Crudo

Fishmonger Gabrielle Stommel, aka Gabe the Fish Babe, calls this recipe for fluke crudo “delightfully simple.” It takes seconds, or for a little more effort, try chopping it into a medium dice with red onion, fresh chilies and herbs and dousing the lot with citrus juices for an easy fluke ceviche.

FROM OUR RECIPE ARCHIVES: Seared Bluefish with Avocado

Gabe the Fish Babe, aka fishmonger Gabrielle Stommel, usually gets bluefish from day-boat fisherman Dean Pesante in Point Judith, Rhode Island, and often sells it to Calliope in the East Village. “Bluefish is an oily fish and can stand up to other bold ingredients,” says Stommel, “the combo of harissa, avocado and sweet bluefish make for a splendidly balanced dish.”