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Hillrock’s New Single Malt Rocks the Glass

At last month’s Manhattan Cocktail Classic, a cowboy-hat wearing Dave Pickerell, Master Distiller for Hillrock Estate Distillery, gave me a “C’mere, kid!” crook of the head, beckoning me to something secret seeming. He pulled from his tuxedo jacket’s breast pocket a small, glass bottle full of an amber-hued liquid and grinned.

IN OUR CURRENT ISSUE: Homegrown Whiskey in New York

Unlike all other distilleries in the country, the folks at Hillrock Estate Distillery are growing their own barley and rye for the line of whiskeys they released last year. It’s a nod to the past when New York State was responsible for growing about half the country’s barley and rye, as well as a pledge of faith that sometimes the old ways of doing things just work best.