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Now at Greenmarket, a Beer That Goes With the Grain

“Our Greenmarket Regional Grain Initiative works with regional farmers to devote more acreage to growing grains, creating partnerships to get their harvest into the hands of bakers, pasta makers, distillers—and now brewers—helps their businesses scale up.”


In the land of locally made everything, New York beer was long nothing more than a dream, thanks to a lack of local farmers growing barley and hops. Enter Mark Van Glad, founder of the year-old Tundra Brewery up in the Catskills, who decided to do something brilliant: grow his own.

Road Trip: Taste L.I.’s Best Small Food Producers and Craft Beer Culture at “The Quarterly Carousal”

Calling all beer aficionados willing to hop on the LIRR for a good brew. Edible East End (the shore-based sister to this magazine) and the Brooklyn Brewery invite you to a free party at the Bellmore, Long Island craft beer bar Effin Gruven on Thursday, April 26, to celebrate the Nassau and Suffolk County rollout of the latest Brewmaster Reserve release from the brewery.

U.K. Dispatch–In This Beer Loving Culture, We Can Hold Our Own

LONDON–For years we’d thought of this city’s lovely old-fashioned taverns and tap rooms as the holy grail of good beer, thanks to the Campaign for Real Ale launched back in 1971, when most of us Americans were still guzzling Bud in pop-top cans. The group, now called CAMRA, was founded by four drinkers concerned about the growing number of mass produced-pints and the homogenization of both beer and the pubs where Brits drank them.