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FROM OUR RECIPE ARCHIVES: The Forrest Gump Cocktail

The Forrest Gump cocktail from Nick and Toni’s Cafe features Brooklyn’s own Cacao Prieto Cacao Rum, which we wrote about here in Edible Brooklyn. It goes down easy with some Valentine’s chocolate, just saying…

What’s Inside the Bourbon Barrel? At Nick and Toni’s, It’s a Negroni

If you missed last week’s NY1 segment (it airs Fridays and Sundays) be sure to take a gander online. We visited Nick and Toni’s Cafe on the Upper East Side to talk to Richard Scoffier, who took over their beverage program about four years ago. Like other bartenders in the borough, Scoffier is keen on locally sourced spirits, and is now using an old Tuthilltown Hudson Baby Bourbon barrel to age a Negroni cocktail made with Seneca Drums gin from Finger Lakes Distilling, which uses nearly 100% NY State-sourced ingredients.

Scotch, Sour Cherry Cordial and Orange Bitters=Nick and Toni’s “Newfangled” Cocktail

Below is the recipe for the Newfangled (a riff on the Old Fashioned?) from Richard Scoffier at Nick and Toni’s Cafe. If you don’t know American Spirits’ eaux de vies and fruit liqueurs made upstate, this is a fine introduction, and easy to make at home, unlike some of the other Great King Street Cocktail contest entries. We’ll be publishing more of those each day this week, so stay tuned until the winners get crowned next Monday.