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Taste Spain’s Finest Olive Oils Across the City

We’ve got travel both on the brain and on the calendar as of late. Not only did we just release our annual travel issue, but we’ve got a couple of events lined up that bring the best of what’s abroad to a doorstep near you including this Friday’s Citywide Tasting of Olive Oil from Spain.

At Edible Escape: A World of Flavor and A Glass of Long Island Wine

At Edible Escape–our travel tasting party next month–we plan to wow your tastebuds with some worldly flavors. We’ve got a killer lineup, including food from Ukraine, olive oil from Spain, wines from Portugal, high-class Italian fare and so much more. But as much as we love to travel the world with our forks at the ready, we don’t want to overlook the bounty of flavor here at home.