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VIDEO: How to Prepare Marrow at Home

Restaurant menus seem to be having a love affair with bone marrow. But just because it seems to be taking over dining rooms across this city doesn’t mean you can’t make it at home.

Before You Put That Yule Log Away; We Suggest You Make These S’Mores

‘Tis still the season to be eating–especially when it comes to dessert! There are all sorts of sweet treats being shared this time of year, from cookies and pie to red velvet cake and caramel corn. Some people use grandma’s old recipes, but when I am home this week, I’ll be using Flex Mussel’s chef Zac Young’s creative takes on the traditional–pumpkin donuts served both spiced and glazed to apple “pot pie” with a cheddar cheese crust alongside Bourbon ice cream to bacon peanut caramel corn and drunken frozen s’mores–to impress my family.