What We’re Reading: October 5, 2013

Food Books - Marissa Finn

There’s a lot to read and watch out there on the internet. In short, here are some notable links that are on our radar this week.

Our friends at Gramercy Tavern released a “short film” profiling the landmark restaurant’s history, beliefs and practices. Check out that basil!

RECIPE: Marcella Hazan’s Tomato Sauce with Onion Butter — Food52
In memory of this culinary icon, we made one of her simplest recipes. Tomatoes, butter and onion: Marcella at her best.
Tom Philpott interviews one of the the food and agriculture industry’s toughest critics about her upcoming project.
PHOTO: Crackling at Goatfell Farm — George Weld of  Parish Hall & Egg
We wanted to be at this farm dinner from the post when we announced it! Smartphone to the rescue with these pictures.
What the Federal Shutdown Means for People Who Eat and Grow Food Modern Farmer
The effects reach further than you might expect.
RECIPE: Fresh Ginger Syrup — David Lebovitz
In addition to sharing this amazing recipe, one of our favorite bloggers gives props to Bruce Cost Ginger Ale, which we also love.
Keep Farmland for Farmers — NY Times
National Young Farmers Coalition reminds us of the difficulty of finding affordable and farmable land.
Government Held Hostage Over Health Care? — Food Politics
Leave it to Marion…
“Maybe our leaders, who seem so quick to threaten violence or shut down the government, should spend some time with dairy cows. “
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