Our 14 Most Read Stories of 2014

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Mark Bittman takes the stage at Edible Institute. Photo credit: Clay Williams

Despite weeks (or often months) of planning, it’s mostly impossible to tell which stories are going to take off. Sometimes the post that took one hour from conception to finish will spread like wildfire on social media, while a story that went through several drafts may only garner a small handful of readers. Story popularity is almost always unpredictable.

There are some patterns, though. According to our data, you largely like learning where to go, what to eat and how you can potentially change your personal habits for the greater good. You also like learning about local food tech, the city’s best markets and beer. Sounds good to us.

As we close out 2014, here’s a recap of your favorite stories of the year. Your favorite didn’t make it to this list? Let us know by leaving a comment.

  1. VIDEO: Mark Bittman Explains Why Cooking at Home Is the “Most Radical Thing” We Can DoAriel Lauren Wilson
    If the teachings of The Minimalist himself could be summed up in three words, they would be “do it yourself.”
  2. For New York City Start-Ups, Options Abound Amy Cortese
    It’s never been a better time to be a food entrepreneur.
  3. Where to Eat, Drink and Shop in Chelsea Marissa Finn
    Chelsea’s restaurants, shops and producers offer some of the most delightful food in the city — especially during summer.
  4. A Self-Guided Tour of Little Dominica — Marissa Finn
    For the best Dominican grub in New York, you’ll need to head north to Washington Heights and Inwood.
  5. Taking It to the Streets Carrington Morris
    Drive Change doesn’t just offer ex-inmates a shift and a paycheck.
  6. SevenFifty’s Online Platform Connects Professional Wine Buyers and Sellers — Amy Cortese
    One website is out to revolutionize the industry.
  7. 11 Manhattan Markets That You Should Eat and Drink at While It’s Summer — Ariel Lauren Wilson
    Karen Seiger, author of Markets of New York City, tells us where we should go to get some of the season’s best local food and drink.
  8. Berkshire Mountain Majesty — Chelsey Simpson
    A weekend in Western Mass, above the fruited plain.
  9. Tree of KnowledgeDavid Flaherty
    Andy Brennan moved upstate in search of an orchard he’d loved and lost. Now he’s resurrecting America’s oldest drink.

    Aaron Burr Cidery. Photo credit: Kat Bryant
    Aaron Burr Cidery. Photo credit: Kat Bryant
  10. Don’t Miss the Food and Drink at These 10 New York City Holiday Markets Karen Seiger
    Indulge in classic gingerbread and hot chocolate, or go for less traditional holiday dishes like pulled pork strudel and Persian street food.
  11. 7 New York Breweries to Drink at This Summer, and WhyNiko Krommydas
    Go borough-hopping this summer with this line-up of tasting rooms in breweries across the city.
  12. Our 10 Must-Try Seasonal Ice Cream Flavors from Across the City Will Budiaman
    Whether your favorite frozen treat comes in the form of gelato, soft serve, sorbet, ice pops or just good old-fashioned ice cream, this list of Manhattan’s most interesting summer flavors has something for everyone.
  13. How Num Pang Invented the Greatest Sandwich on EarthAndrea Strong
    The road to sandwich perfection.
  14. Dock to Dish Cuts Out Middlemen by Bringing Fish Directly to Restaurants Eileen M. Duffy
    With Montauk’s Dock to Dish, chefs including Dan Barber, Bill Telepan, Eric Ripert and April Bloomfield help shorten the supply chain for local and sustainably caught fish.
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