8 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day, From Composting to Slurping Oysters

If you’re not celebrating Earth Day every day (though we should), you can at least make a big show of it tomorrow, April 22. Here are some options, from changes you can make at home to events and restaurants to support that are focused on doing good.

Street Fair’s Celebration
The Lower East Side fair is hosting 596 Acres and Sixth Street Community Center to speak about NYC specific issues in urban access, GMOs, CSAs and community gardens; Tula Plants & Design will host a Plant Revival and Care Workshop; and composting will be available from 4 p.m. on. They’ve also selected ecofriendly vendors.

Eat at River Coyote or Gristmill
River Coyote focuses on sustainability from design to plate, even serving everything on tap in order to cut down on waste. “It’s not just the wine that’s strictly on tap,” says owner Jay Nir. “The beer, cider, organic kombucha, cold brew, nitro cold brew, carbonated water and drinking water are all on tap as well. It’s shocking but one reusable keg eliminates the use of 3,000 bottles, corks, closures, foil, labels, boxes and packaging over its lifetime—plus shipping.”

In Park Slope at Gristmill, chef Jake Novick-Finder uses every leaf, stem, skin and shell in meals, in addition to supporting over 30 local farms.

Buy Madécasse Chocolate
For the next month, 20 percent of the Madagascar-based chocolate-maker’s web sales (up to $10,000) will be donated to ADRA Madagascar (Adventist Development & Relief Agency), which is actively helping victims of the ongoing drought and recent cyclone in the country.

Go Meatless
We have restaurant recommendations from The Reducetarian Solution author Brian Kateman, or you can check out one of our favorite veggie burgers or these veg-friendly spots.

Dance with Food Tank
They’re throwing a party next Wednesday where you’ll dance the evening away before eating and drinking items made some of the city’s best local purveyors.

Forage Smarter
Learn from our resident foraging expert Marie Viljoen how you can find your own food with a minimal environmental impact.

Compost! Ferment!
BK Rot is changing the game in Brooklyn by making composting accessible to more New Yorkers. Read about it in our latest issue. You can also start a fermentation habit using our tips from Sandor Katz.

Order the Squid or Oysters
Squid is one of the greenest seafood items you can eat, and oysters are also one of the most sustainable choices you can make.