A Friday Night Webcast for NYC’s Locavore Beer Nerds

The sudsmakers at Sixpoint Craft Ales in Red Hook, Brooklyn

Drinking better, fresher beer brewed with care and quality ingredients is just one benefit a bone-fide local brewery brings to the city. It’s also dollars in our pockets, jobs, community spirit, a return to this city’s brewing history and of course a chance to see how our kegs get filled up close and personal. In honor of Good Beer Month, Good Beer Seal co-founder Jimmy Carbone is hosting a video webcast on local brewing at WYNC’s Greene Space on Friday Night with Edible Manhattan and spokesfolks from each of the city’s three breweries (yeah, yeah, they’re all in Brooklyn) and representatives for the collective fourth, which would be all those city homebrewers. They’ll also be running a demo on how to make your own beer. It starts at 7 p.m. and you can listen via the Internet or attend for just $15; beer and snacks will be provided. All the details are right here. And in the meantime, perhaps you’d like to prepare by reading past Edible profiles on Kelso of Brooklyn, Brooklyn BrewerySixpoint Craft Ales and the nano-breweries on Long Island?

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