A (Mouthwatering) Sneak Peak at Edible Escape

Get ready to tour the world with your fork at Edible Escape, our second annual travel tasting party next month.  We’ve lined up an exotic menu featuring flavors from around the globe, as far as Japan and as near as Long Island.  We like to offer a big thanks to our sponsors, including Whole Foods, for making our night of passport-free culinary travel possible.  Here are just a couple dishes you can plan on trying:

-BBQ Pulled Pork Wonton Tacos with Pickled Root Vegetables and Cilantro from Silk Road Tavern

-Chocolate Ganache with Riesling Grapes and Fleur de Sel from Edi & the Wolf

-Lobster Pierogie topped with Braised Short Rib, garnished with Micro Arugula Salad with Lobster Beurre Monte from Veselka Bowery

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