A Peek at Momofuku Milk Bar’s New Spring Soft Serve Flavors, Coming in May

We just knew it was going to be an ice cream kind of day. That’s why this week’s Edible Manhattan NY1 segment covered the incredible soft serve created by Momofuku Milk Bar chef and co-owner Christina Tosi.

It’s our current cover star, as featured in a story by Jamie Feldmar about the relationship between Tosi and Milk Thistle Farm, the incredible dairy operation that shuttered unexpectedly early this year.  (Tosi is currently using Evans Farmhouse Creamery, from Norwich, N.Y., but is still evaluating other milks, possibly some from the owners of Maple Hill Creamery, says Tosi, who says they are going to be raising dairy cows on the same piece of land where Milk Thistle operated.)

One cool thing we weren’t able to squeeze into the piece is the roster of new spring flavors Tosi–who you’ll see is as eloquent and intelligent as she is creative in the pastry kitchen–is planning for May 1.

“So far we’re gonna do a strawberry-sesame, a blueberry-miso–which is gonna be really good–we’re gonna bring salty pistachio back to one of our locations, we’re gonna do a pink lemonade, and we’re still working out the last one,” Tosi told us, adding that Noodle Bar will have burnt honey and yellow peach.

Come May 1, we intend to cover the city to try them all: Like Noodle Bar, each of the four Momofuku Milk Bars (three in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn) have their own unique flavor–though rest assured all have Cereal Milk. “It’s the one flavor we can’t take off the menu,” says Tosi.

Watch the NY1 video here: http://www.ny1.com/content/lets_eat/edible/158163/edible–momofuku-milk-bar-taps-into-soft–frozen-treats


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