According to Inc. Magazine, You’re Hot

Illustration by Brian Stauffer for Inc. Magazine. No chickens were harmed, we believe.

And still more from the newsreels about Edibles, it seems. We just posted about our back to back apple covers making the Rochester newspaper, but we also made it into the columns of Inc. Magazine. Or rather Edible Communities, the parent publishing organization of which we’re a part. Apparently you — meaning you, our readers, are a hot market. Or at least those among you who consider yourselves locavores. In a column called “Hot Market: Locavores,” the magazine takes a peek at EC’s so-far very successful business strategy, which is in essence shining a light on the foods, farmers, artisans, companies, cheesemongers, histories, relics, customs, kombucha makers, bakers, chefs, farms, gardens, egg creams, slice joints and knishes we love. There are now 70 Edibles, which were started in Ojai, California by former design firm owners Tracey Ryder and Carole Topalian, who started it all, reports Inc., “as a lark.”

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