Auspicious Breakfasts: Blackeyed Peas & Collard Greens

Breakfast of Champions: 1/1/2011

Welcome to Twenty Eleven! We expect great things in New York City food this year (read our predictions right here) and we sealed the deal with our New Year’s Day breakfast, shown above and described in detail last week, down to the recipe for that cornbread. The Chinese like to call what they eat for good luck during their own New Year “auspicious foods,” and we like to apply the term to our Southern feast featuring Cayuga Pure Organics blackeyed peas with Consider Bardwell goat sausage, collard greens with Meat Hook turkey leg, and eggs baked in Ronnybrook cream with truffle salt from Sabatino Tartufi in the Bronx. We also borrowed another trick from the Italians, which was to add a knob of Ronnybrook sweet cream butter and a glug of Brooklyn Larder olive oil to our peas once they were done. Highly recommended throughout 2011, whether it’s good luck or great flavor you’re after from the meal.

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