Back of the House: Now Bigger Than Ever! (For a Limited Time, and Only at Whole Foods)


BOH Way Back When: A Few Small Scenes from the Kitchen, Which You Can Now See Up Close and Personal At Union Square Whole Foods. At left is a Boston’s No. 9 Park , at right and center are Brooklyn’s al di la.

Sure, we’re proud of our writers and their words, but Edible would not be as Edible without the work of Michael Harlan Turkell, our photo editor. Not only does the man plan the photography for every issue–Edible Brooklyn, too–but he’s the shooter responsible for Back of the House, our behind-the-scenes series of the best of New York City food places. I personally have wanted to make poster-sized prints of practically every photo that’s run in this column, and luckily that’s exactly what MHT did, at least for a batch he’s calling his “mise en place selection.” They’re on display at the second floor cafe at Union Square Whole Foods (and MHT will likely rotate a few in and out, so go often) until the end of March. And in the meantime, be sure to bookmark his very cool PLOG, too.

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