Benefits Package: Sign up for a Workplace CSA Now

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The owners of Great Performances and Katchkie Farm–the Manhattan catering company and not-for-profit upstate agriculture center we wrote about last year–are launching a workplace CSA program for those who usually work too late to hit their neighborhood pickups, and the sign-up season is starting now.

Don’t yet know what a CSA is? (It stands for Community Supported Agriculture.) Katchkie’s explanation is awfully eloquent: “Emerging in the early 1960’s in Europe as a way to bridge the gap between urban veggie lovers and rural farmers, the CSA model is a simple yet powerful idea. Individuals purchase memberships in exchange for a weekly or bi-weekly bag of fresh (and, in our case, organic) local produce. In turn, the membership fee covers farmer necessities like seed and new tools. A real win-win!”

All you have to do is get 20 co-workers to agree to sign up, and they’ll create a pick up site at your office. For more information call 212.727.2424 and ask for Brooke, or send an email to You also can sign up for a regular non-office CSA at one of their four other Manhattan pick up locations, too.



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