5 Pigs, 5 Chefs, 5 Wines – Another Reason to Postpone The Master Cleanse till February

Last year Gavin Kaysen of Cafe Boulud made six dishes with his pig, three cold and three hot.

Before you wake up vowing never to drink again and to eat only salad for the next few months (that would be Saturday) we’d like to remind you to mark your calendars for Sunday January 23rd, the national kickoff party for Cochon 555.  The event meanders around the country promoting heritage breeds and heritage pork by giving five of the top chefs in major cities a whole pig and pairing the porkers with bottles from five small winemakers.

This year, it’s Brad Farmerie of Public, Peter Hoffman of Savoy, Bill Telepan of Telepan Restaurant, George Mendes of Aldea and Sean Rembold of Marlow & Sons, paired with wines from Scholium Project, Alysian Winery, Elk Cove Vineyards, Copain Wine Cellars and Failla Wines.

In return, they all have to feed the paying crowd and a table of judges (which includes yours truly) with their piggery, winning us all over with their ways with pork. The beauty of the event is that they try hard. Really really hard: We’re talking multiple courses and many dishes from each chef — last year Blue Hill’s Adam Kaye made a 12-course feast, as we recall. (You can read about it here, or watch the slideshow below.) And buy your tickets for the next one here.

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