Cochon 555: What We Ate, In Photos

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Before too many days pass–and we’re no longer still very uncomfortably full–we wanted to fill you in on what we ate at Sunday’s Cochon 555, the competitive cook-off that gives five local chefs in 10 cities a whole heritage breed pig with which to impress a room full of eaters and a panel of judges that included Edible Manhattan.

Above you can see what each of the five fantastic chefs–Marco Canora of Hearth, Corwin Kave of Fatty Cue, Mark Ladner of Del Posto, Gavin Kaysen of Cafe Boulud, and Adam Kaye of Blue Hill Stone Barns–made for us extry-special tasters, as the public, sadly, didn’t always get to taste all of their porky creations. (Be sure to turn on the captions to get the full scoop.)

The winner, as you’ve probably heard by now, was Adam Kaye of Blue Hill. With nearly a dozen dishes, including Blue Hill’s famous face bacon and some fried homemade baloney, Kaye’s crew was very impressive. But it was his liver mousse, sandwiched between two ultra-thin layers of chocolate, that won the thing for me. In the spirit of Cochon 555, which is to raise awareness for heritage breeds of pigs–I’d like Blue Hill to make those babies in Klondike Bar size and sell them at my local Key Foods.

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