This $50,000 Prize for Immigrants in the Culinary Arts is Now Accepting Applications

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So much of what we consider American food and drink today comes from people who immigrated to this country. Cultures from all over the world continually shape we eat and drink, from the farmers and workers who grow and harvest our food to the small business owners and CEOs who make and distribute it.

The Vilcek Foundation, an organization that strives to raise awareness of immigrant contributions throughout the United States, is honoring those contributions through $50,000 prizes for immigrants in the culinary arts.

The Vilcek Prizes for Creative Promise in Culinary Arts (accepting applications through June 11) will award three prizes of $50,000 unrestricted cash each to immigrants born in 1980 or later, working as chefs and food preparers, beverage professionals and/or food writers.

“The culinary arts are a medium through which culture is preserved, elevated, merged and enriched,” said Marica Vilcek, cofounder and vice chairman of the Vilcek Foundation. “For years, immigrants have been at the vanguard of culinary innovation, and we are pleased to recognize this rich body of contributions through the Vilcek Prizes for Creative Promise.”

The Vilcek Foundation hopes that the prizes will help facilitate future discovery for promising food professionals. The Creative Promise Prizes were established in 2009 and since them have honored emerging immigrant professionals in the arts and sciences.

Applications are available at the Vilcek Foundation website must be received by 5:00 p.m. EST on June 11, 2018 and have to include date of birth, mailing address, a resume, proof of immigrant status, a work portfolio, answers to three short essay questions and two professional references. Awards will be announced this November.

Featured photo credit: Valery Rizzo