Dive Bars! The Radio Show

We know we’ve been going on and on and on about Eat Drink Local week and all that it entails — 11 ingredients of the day and a festival to fete them, an all-afternoon institute of deep thoughts on the next frontier in local sourcing and DIY ventures, an heirloom veggie auction at Sotheby’s, a challenge to get you eating locally and to prove it to us — so we’d thought we’d offer some foodie brain candy (meaning deep thoughts on dive bars!) while you make reservations at Savoy and prepare your pantry with Ball jars.

We mean our latest Heritage Radio Network show on the New York City dive bar, the welcome to any, scary to many type taverns where people go to cast off the stresses of the day and commingle with their community, rather than to savor the flavors of their local merlot or lager. They’re a neccessary part of the fabric of any place, and ours have their very own terroir (beyond the smell of stale Bud and cigarettes).

Our two guests, Matt Levy, whose family runs one of the city’s best tour guide companies —Levy’s Unique New York — and food writer Joshua M. Bernstein are experts in the field and help us define what a dive bar is or isn’t and point us to where the best still are serving $3 pint-and-shots. Put your money on the bar and belly up! Or Tune in Here. And don’t forget to go back and read our ode to one of the city’s finest: The sweet Subway Inn.

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