What We’re Eating: April 12, 2014

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This week, we’re reveling in the (finally!) nice weather by switching up our usually What We’re Reading posts. This week, it’s all about What We’re Eating: what we’re craving and coveting at the greenmarket, and how we’re going to be devouring it. Dig in!

Pedal to the Nettle — Edible Films
We shot this film, which features chef Peter Hoffman from Back Forty West and chef Christophe Hille from Northern Spy, in the warmer months (see those blueberries at the Union Square Greenmarket? We’re craving those, too). Hoffman and Hille both haul produce by bike. Now that it’s getting warmer and the Greenmarket is green again, we’re thinking about dragging our own bikes down to the street.

Marissa Finn: Eggs
After revisiting Gabrielle’s story “Like Strawberries, Eggs Have a Season, and It’s Now,” I’ve been reminiscing about my WWOOFing days at North Sea Farms, an organic chicken farm in Southampton. Those eggs were the freshest I’ve had by far—straight from the hen to my omelette. The Greenmarket’s spring eggs are almost as good. I’ll be using mine to recreate this Asparagus Frittata with Sumac and Pea Pesto from FeedFeed for Sunday night dinner.

Caroline Lange: Pea shoots
Going to the farmers market at this time of year makes me outrageously happy; after four or so months of potatoes and squash, I want bright, tender sprouts and shoots. One of my friends, a religious studies major, once told me that every time she goes to the farmers market she feels as though she gets to witness the creation miracle—and I get it. There’s something very spiritual about being around all these tiny young greens. Gimme pea shoots by the bag, and I’ll eat them as salad with lemon juice or tucked into sandwiches or tossed with roasted vegetables or raw by the handful.

Lauren Wilson: Eggs
Given their limited appearance at the market, I get why folks rage over green asparagus, rhubarb and ramps around this time of year. I’m kneeling right beside them at the altar of spring produce (life continues!). Meanwhile, I’m also sucker for a good egg, and now’s their time. They’re best poached and draped over lightly sautéed collards. I suggest sopping up their creamy orange yolks with a slice of hot cornbread.

Gabrielle Langholtz: Get freekeh!
I’m ready to forget about rutabaga and celeriac for a while, but there’s one winter staple I plan to keep cooking all year long: the ancient but new-to-me grain called freekeh. These roasted spelt berries cook up in my rice cooker but have enough flavor and texture to leave basmati in the dust. They’re for sale at Cayuga Pure Organics’ Greenmarket stand and I’ve been eating them all winter alongside roasts and braises. Any day now, I’ll be tossing them with raw asparagus and, come August, summer corn.

Feature photo: Flickr/Kari Sullivan

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