El Dia de Los Reyes Arrives! Where’s Your King Cake?

Don Paco's cake is an Epiphany, we tell you!

Don’t forget that tomorrow, to Latin Americans, is El Dia de Los Reyes, or “Day of the Kings” or the Epiphany, or the 12th day of Christmas, when the Three Kings arrived bearing gifts for Baby Jesus. The thing to do is party and the thing to eat (you knew this was where we were headed) is the  rosca de reyes, or bread of kings, or the King Cake. If done right, it’s a sweet, moist and yeasty ring studded with dried candied fruits, sugar and icing in Christmas colors. Edible Brooklyn has the line on one of the best in the city, at Don Paco Lopez Panaderia in the pan-Latin neighborhood called Sunset Park. Better still, much like the Mardi Gras King Cakes, each rosca comes baked with several tiny plastic baby Jesuses: If you score a slice with one, the next party’s on you. We’re so there!

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