Our Favorite Places to Watch the Game


Football season is upon us, which means joining our fellow sports fans for a rowdy good time on game time. A bar’s team affiliation can be more important than the beers they have on tap, so we’ve kept all of that in mind to give you a wide range on where to eat, drink, and enjoy football season in Manhattan. Most of the selections gravitate toward Lower Manhattan, probably due to the abundance of NYU students, who lack a football team of their own.



359 Bowery
Phebes pledges their loyalty to the Cincinnati Bengals but will offer up one of their many TVs to another game if you ask nicely. Their menu of typical bar fare takes a midwestern turn with Cinci Dip, Skyline Chilinand Coney Dogs on game days. They also offer rotating drink specials that’ll help you digest whatever happens in that fourth quarter. 
Pro tip: get the nachos. My college roommate met her now-husband over a plate of them…


41 First Ave.
The East Village and Williamsburg locations are both devoted New Orleans Saints bars, but their beer selection spans the globe. On game days, the bar discounts Abita beers, which hail from Louisiana, as well as Bayou-themed food like po’ boys and gumbo. This is the spot if you’re looking for drinks a cut above the classic Bud Light football special. During halftime, get a lesson in beer from the knowledgeable bartenders.


44 Bedford St.
According to Scott Bleicher, our resident photo editor here at Edible, this is the perfect corner spot that’s just hidden enough. It’s for the football fan who wants a low key afternoon of football and great bar food. There beer menu lists all the crowd pleasers, with everything from Sam Adams to Rogue. And Scott can’t stress this enough: get the tater tots.



16 N Moore St.
If you’re looking for a classic New York bar with a solid burger and the faint, yet pleasant, smell of beer that’s stained its bar over the years, head to Walker’s in Tribeca. As one of the oldest bars in the city, it’s a perfectly unpretentious spot to pull up a stool and spend the afternoon watching the game while enjoying a bowl of Cowboy Chili.



43 East 7th St.
It’s impossible to write about football and Manhattan without mentioning Standings. It lives on top of beer destination Jimmy’s No. 43 and is consistently referred to as the city’s best sports bar. They take this stuff very seriously—just check out
their Twitter feed if you want a glimpse into the owners’ sports-obsessed minds. The space is swaddled in jerseys and banners of varying teams, showing no allegiance to one in particular. If you like a good clean debate of a messy game and free (yes, free) food, Standings will welcome you into the fold.

Photo credit: Facebook/Daddy-O NYC

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