Florida Report: Sweet Stuff (And Tiny Bananas) at The Fruit & Spice Park

Our editor in chief, lost in Florida's Fruit and Spice Park

I’m soaking up rays in the Sunshine State and yesterday visited the garden of edible delights known as the Fruit and Spice Park. An hour outside of Miami, it’s the only tropical botanical garden in the country, and it aint about orchids–as you can guess from the name, the exhibits here are feasts for more than the eye. I was downright giddy to tour the 40-acre wonderland and get up close and personal with cinnamon trees, papaya bushes, tamarind trees, a wild African tree that bears “sausage fruit,” and a grove of over 75 varieties of banana – wow! I wish I could have stayed all week but on the way out I picked up a parting gift–a copy of Edible South Florida I plan to devour on the ride home, along with the five little bananas I stashed in my bag. Sweet!

Betsy Bradley

Elizabeth L. Bradley writes about New York City history and culture. She hopes to find Tiffany blue dragees in her Christmas stocking this year.

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