Friday Freebies: Win the Beautiful Cape Wine Braai Masters Cookbook

Win this, and get to know the South African Cape wine country.

As you might recall from our recent travel issue, Edible contributor and spirits writer Robert Simonson traveled to South Africa’s vinelands to understand how the country’s winemakers are breaking ground in sustainability standards by building wilderness into their vineyards. It’s yet another reason–flavor and value being others–New Yorkers should get to know the little known region. “Even the savviest New York wine drinker’s mind can cloud over a bit when confronted with the South African section of the wine list (if, indeed, such a section exists),” Simonson wrote.

Indeed it’s a part of world few of us know, one with seriously stunning Cape terrain and it’s own Cape culinary cuisine that includes the outdoor, flame-kissed cookery technique known as braai. You can learn about both South African wines and South African barbecue in the Cape Wine Braai Masters recipe book. It’s a beautiful, full-color cookbook, and we have a ton of them to give away, courtesy of our friends at Wines of South Africa. Here’s what to do: Leave a comment below with the name of your favorite South African wine or winemaker. Hint: Just read Simonson’s story to get a few suggestions.


Dan and Julie Resnick

Julie and Dan Resnick, residents of Amagansett, are members at Quail Hill and Amber Waves farms. They cook and eat almost exclusively from the farms and the waters of the East End year-round. They are co-founders of feedfeed, a network connecting people who love to cook.

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