Friday Giveaway: Cheap Tickets to Sunday’s Local Cider Tasting at New Amsterdam Market

Photo courtesy New Amsterdam Market

Readers of our most recent issue might recall that Sunday marks the start of (real New York State apple) Cider Week, which is being sponsored as part of a bigger “Apple Project” by the upstate agricultural not-for-profit Glynwood Center. The goal is to get more people (and wine shops and sommeliers) drinking and buying apple alcohol, which can benefits local orchards, economies and educated drinkers, who quickly realize cider is just as nuanced a beverage as beer or wine. The week kicks off at one of our favorite places: New Amsterdam Market, which is hosting “A Hard Cider Revival” with six different artisanal cideries from our foodshed each offering several styles of the drink. They’re offering 20 Edible readers (that could be you!) a special deal of $15 for five tastes of cider or food (Grilled East Coast Oysters; Shrimp with Romesco; Anchovy with Almonds and Olives; Wood Grilled Wild Mushroom; Potato Tortilla with Aioli; House Cured Meats) from Marlowe & Sons in Brooklyn. The special tickets are first-come, first-served: Just use the promo code EdibleApple when buying tickets for the event here.


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