Get Your Free “Drink Local” Cards to Convince Your Own Local to do Just That

Meet Rosie the Riveter of the wine world. She doesn’t really have a name (maybe you have suggestions?) but she might get a New York-born bottle on the table at a restaurant near you. This cute and clever little campaign card can be ordered for free (and in any amount you’d like) by emailing Upstate Wine Company at with your address and how many of these business card-sized tip-offs you’d like. It’s the organization’s effort to let New York City restaurants know you want local wine. Just leave a card when you pay your check, either anonymously or with your name, to let the sommelier know you’re into local grapes.

And if you’ve got a favorite local winery, feel free to drop their name, too. Not too familiar with local wine, you say? Well, we’d suggest a traipse through the New Amsterdam Market this Sunday, when more than 30 New York wines will be there for the sipping. Or, there’s this cool Long Island wine app we just discovered that maps out the Long Island wine trail, if you’re looking to get a taste right on the vineyard. Just promise us you’ll pull over while you digitally scroll through the twin Forks that make up one of our grape-y terroirs. And hey, read up on the history of local wine before you head out.

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