Heard About the Rager at Roberta’s This Weekend?

It says RSVP by the 17th, but we bet they'll sneak you in if you use our name.

We don’t know if you’ve ever been to a party at Roberta’s Pizza in Brooklyn, but if you have, then you know that no matter what they’re partying for — Brooklyn Grange rooftop farm, the five-year anniversary of Sixpoint Craft Ales, Octoberfest — then you know that when they have a party, you go. Simple as that. No need to even ask how much or what for, cause you know the food will be mind-blowing, the crowd will be cool, the cause will be righteous and the night will be long. In a good way.

But this Saturday there’s an extra-special reason to hit the ‘Wick, at least as far as we’re concerned. It’s a party to raise funds for Heritage Radio Network, the little internet radio station about food, farming, fishing and drinking that could, and does, right from a container ship in Roberta’s backyard. In between the picnic tables and the backyard garden and right below the rooftop farm. In case you don’t know the score, Heritage is a side project of the Heritage Foods USA folks, who we wrote about a few years back and connect many of the country’s best heirloom foods (turkeys, pork cranberries, paw-paws, pecans, etc.) with cooks, chefs and restaurants like Roberta’s.

Which means beyond deejay sets and great times, the food will be hell-yeah, rub-your-belly good. It’s $100 (we know, that’s a lot), but it’s all you can drink and eat, with the grub sourced in part from some of the country’s best small protein purveyors, the kind  you don’t get to taste very often, forget all in one evening: beef from Hearst Ranch (CA) and Leaping Waters Farm (VA); prosciutto from S. Wallace Edwards & Sons (VA); poultry from Good Shepherd Ranch (KS); cured hams from Purdy and Sons (NY); sausages from Paradise Locker Meats (MO); Duroc pork shoulder from Craig Good (KS); and smoked fish from our own Acme Smoked Fish in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

More details here, and we hope to see you there. And in the meantime, catch our own Heritage radio show on the web!

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