6 Hot Chocolates to Drink on a Snow Day


If you’re braving the outdoors today (or this weekend, when there’s bound to still be a lot of slush), we’ve lined up some of our favorite hot chocolates to drink in the city. There’s a classic, a vegan one, a French sip, a Dominican mix and more. For those of you staying home, though, we also have über-pastry chef Michael Laiskonis’s decadent hot chocolate recipe. Here, our guide to staying warm (and happy).

City Bakery


The classic choice, topped with a giant marshmallow, is every New York City visitor’s go-to. During the month of February, they offer a special flavor each day. Today’s? Darkest Dark Hot Chocolate #1.



These chocolate experts from New Paltz, New York, don’t serve a hot chocolate, but a Drinking Chocolate. They contain a quarter cup of ganache and organic, vegan marshmallows from Queens-based Sweet & Sara. For a beautiful gift, buy the Magic Drinking Chocolate Sphere to make the brilliant drink at home.

Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream


The masters of weird ice cream at Morgenstern’s are serving up hot chocolates that will certainly blow your mind. Through February 14, they even have a Durian Banana White Hot Chocolate that must be tried to be believed.

Michel Cluizel


With shops in both Williamsburg and Midtown East, Michel Cluizel makes their chocolate very easy to try. The French chocolatiers have been making their chocolate since 1948 and source their beans from farms around the world. Their hot chocolate is rich and thick.

Blue Bottle


Hit up one of the city’s many Blue Bottle locations in Williamsburg, Park Slope, Rockefeller Center and way more neighborhoods for a proper hot chocolate. They take the same care with this offering as they do with their coffee, so expect the best.

Cacao Prieto


While they don’t serve this up at the Red Hook chocolate factory, the single-origin Dominican chocolate by Cacao Prieto is some of the best in the city—their Dominican Spiced Hot Chocolate Tin follows suit. Melt the discs into the milk of your choice and hot chocolate joy is yours. Order one to make sure you have it on the next snow day.