We Asked How You Reduce Food Waste — Here’s What You Said

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Flora McKay: It’s all about regrowing your food scraps! Simply place the ends of your scallions, celery, romaine or lemongrass and place them in a jar with water, place in the sun (refreshing the water each day), and watch them regrow!

Elizabeth Inglese: I make myself a vegetable juice every day using a blender. After pressing the juice from the mixture, I’m left with a ton of fiber-rich pulp (kale, carrot, cucumber, celery), which I mix with egg and grill into super nutritious veggie burger patties. Sometimes I sauté the pulp with garlic and add a dash of cream, and I have a healthy pasta sauce.

Almaz Zelleke: When we moved to Manhattan, we started composting at the Union Square Greenmarket, keeping the bags in the freezer between market visits. During the summer, when our consumption of vegetables (and volume of compost) increases, the freezer can fill up pretty quickly. My husband recently said that emptying the freezer of compost gave him a bigger sense of accomplishment than the two books he’s written.

Illustration and animation by Briony Crane of Goodforks

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